Allow operators to focus on their core expertise - extracting oil efficiently

Economic drivers at the end of asset life drive a different perspective and require a behavioural change to OPEX /CAPEX costs to ensure an asset can meet its decommissioning objectives safely and cost effectively.

Apollo understands the required approach needed to efficiently manage a late life asset through to the removals stage. At Apollo, we leverage our life cycle experience to deliver specific decommissioning support and services to our clients, ensuring a cost effective approach in non-economic life.

Apollo can provide operators access to value and fit for purpose stewardship of those ultra late life assets to minimise decommissioning costs.

Our late-life and decommissioning experience allows Apollo to provide a range of services, including;

  • Duty holder support to manage assets from late life into decommissioning
    • Managing safety cases on behalf of  clients
    • Providing Technical Authority support to clients (structural, E&I, mechanical, technical safety, marine, subsea and process optimisation)
    • Governing structural models of assets on behalf of clients
    • We are hugely experienced in asset integrity engineering
    • Using Apollo KnowHow ™, we can analyse integrity data of assets to understand defects and how to manage them
    • In collaboration with strategic partners, Apollo can safely manage offshore teams activities from integrity management to removals
    • Design and implement fit for purpose integrity management process to coincide with CoP and into the removal process